Weddings and civil ceremonies are a special cause for celebration; a day you will remember for the rest of your life.We know they can cost a lot, both financially and emotionally.

We also understand how stressful it can be if something doesn’t quite go how you planned it.

That’s why at SaveMoneyHub, we don’t leave anything to chance, offering Wedding Insurance to give you the peace of mind on your big day.

Do I Need Wedding Insurance?

Wedding insurance from SaveMoneyHub is there to offer financial protection should things go wrong before or on your wedding day. The last thing you want is something to go wrong on your big day, but if it does, don’t make it worse by being stressed and unnecessarily out of pocket.

“What could possibly go wrong?” You may ask.

Well, without sending you into a cold sweat, here’s a few reasons why at SaveMoneyHub, we expect the unexpected:

No-shows from vendors, venue closures, cancellations, sudden illness, extreme weather, damage, loss, theft, and of course, global pandemic outbreaks!

These covers are subject to the terms and conditions of the policy wording and an additional premium may need to be paid for some sections.

So don’t get cold feet when it comes to Wedding Insurance. Tie the knot with SaveMoneyHub to gift yourself peace of mind for your truly special occasion.

What Does Wedding Insurance Cover?

Protect your finances with Wedding Insurance from SaveMoneyHub, featuring five ranges of cover, each with a choice indemnity limits, to let you choose the package that best suits you.

Ensure your big day has financial protection with SaveMoneyHub’s insurance packages including many things from cancellations to wedding attire, rings to cakes, flowers to transportation, and much more!

What Weddings can we cover?

The SaveMoneyHub Wedding Insurance policies are available for any ceremony which creates a contract of marriage which is legally enforceable within the United Kingdom, including ceremonies of Civil partnership, or, for the purposes of this insurance, a similar single, specific event/ceremony/blessing arranged to celebrate a marriage or renewal of vows

Is wedding insurance paid monthly?

No, wedding insurance is just a one-off payment, showing what excellent value for money it is.

When should we take out wedding insurance?

Ideally, you should take it out as soon as you have paid any deposits or signed a contract that means you will lose money if you are forced to change your plans. You can arrange our insurance at any time up to 24 months before the big day.

Who can buy wedding insurance?

Anyone can buy a wedding insurance policy, for instance parents of the bride or groom, but the policy must be in the name of the two people who are getting married as it is their wedding being covered.

I have already paid a deposit. Will this be covered?

Yes - provided you are not aware of any particular circumstances that may give rise to a claim when you take out the policy.

Does wedding insurance cover relative's money?

Our wedding insurance will cover money paid by relatives of the couple, providing they have a demonstrable financial interest, such as a receipt or booking confirmation. All claims will have to be submitted by the insured couple and then the settlement passed on to the person who paid.

We are getting married in a small civil ceremony with a larger church blessing & reception 2 weeks later. Are both dates covered?

Both dates will be covered provided they are not more than 21 days apart. If your civil marriage and blessing/reception are more than 21 days apart then you will need to take out two separate policies, one for each date. The two events must be less than 21 days apart to be covered under the same policy.

My fiancé lives abroad. Can we take out a policy?

Yes - provided one of you is normally resident here in the UK you can take out a policy.

My fiancé is in the Armed Forces. Are we covered if he is unexpectedly posted abroad?

Yes - provided that there was no notice of possible cancellation of leave at the time the policy was taken out.

What about if one of us decides not to go ahead with the marriage after all?

This is known as "disinclination to proceed" and is not an insured reason for cancellation, sadly. However, you may be able to claim for cost of professional counselling under Section 9 of the policy.

Is family bereavement covered by wedding insurance?

Cancellation or rearrangement due to family bereavement is covered under section 1 of our wedding insurance policy if it makes going ahead with the wedding inappropriate. However, you must answer the medical declaration for the policy in respect of all people on whom your wedding plans depend before you purchase the policy. If you answer yes to any of the medical questions with regard to a relative, you will not be covered in relation to that medical condition. You will of course be covered for anything unrelated to that relative's condition.If you are in doubt please contact us on 0000000000000, before you purchase the policy.

What happens if the professional wedding photographs fail because the film or digital storage media is faulty and there are no copies available?

Then the reasonable costs of taking replacement formal photographs of the couple and the immediate Wedding party can be claimed.

I have an existing medical condition. Can this be covered?

Most existing medical conditions are insured automatically, both for the Couple and also their close relatives. There is no cover, however, for Pre-existing medical conditions that have resulted in a terminal prognosis or where the condition is awaiting treatment or investigation at a hospital or you are awaiting the results of tests or investigations, unless you have declared details to us and we have agreed to insure them. You can call us to discuss a medical condition on 000000000000.

What happens if one of the suppliers goes bust?

Then you may claim for any irrecoverable deposits that you may have paid and also for the necessary additional costs in arranging an equivalent alternative. A definition of wedding service suppliers is included in the policy wording.

Our wedding venue is flooded just before the big day. Are we covered?

Then you may claim for any irrecoverable deposits that you may have paid and also for the necessary additional costs in arranging an equivalent alternative. A definition of wedding service suppliers is included in the policy wording.

We are hiring a marquee and will need to insure it. Is this included or can it be added to the policy

There is an optional extension that you can take to add this cover for up to £20,000 or £50,000, subject to payment of the appropriate additional premium.

Our venue requires us to provide insurance in case any of us or the guests causes accidental damage during the reception. Is this included?

The marrying couple’s Public liability is included as standard up to £2m. There is an optional extension available to add cover for the liabilities of your wedding party up to £2m in total. This can be further increased to be £5m with the additional extension.

Is my honeymoon or overseas wedding trip insured on this policy?

No - you will need to take out separate travel insurance for your honeymoon or overseas wedding trip, which would normally include cancellation cover if you are not able to travel as planned.

Does the wedding insurance policy have an excess?

Yes, there is an excess of £100 applicable under all sections of the policy, except for the Public Liability sections (sections 12, 13 & 14) which have an excess of £250.